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Enter a locked room where you must find clues, solve a series of puzzles and riddles, and work together to escape in 60 minutes!

The Attic

Escape Rate: 65%     Difficulty Level: 6/10
Players: 2-6             Cost: $25/person

On a dare, you find yourself trapped in the attic of a derelict house with a sinister past. Will you cling to your sanity long enough to escape? Or will you wither before the face of true evil and join the choir invisible?

**CAUTION: This room contains themes that some may find frightening or offensive. Enter at your own risk.

**This is a linear room, Although we will allow 6 players in this game, groups of 2-4 are strongly recommended.

The Game Show

Escape Rate: 55%      Difficulty Level: 6/10
Players: 3-10           Cost: $25/person

Come on down.... you are the next contestant on an epIQ game show. This experience has exciting physical tasks and requires teamwork to walk away with the grand prize.....ESCAPING!

Escape The 90s

Escape Rate: 50%    Difficulty Level: 7/10 
Players: 2-6                Cost: $25/person  

Welcome back to the 90s! Do you miss beanie babies, Save By The Bell, and the Spice Girls? Prove that your team is the bomb in this nostalgic rewind.


No knowledge of the 90s is required to play this game.


The Back Alley:

A Serial Killer Crime Scene Investigation

Escape Rate: 38%   Difficulty Level: 9/10

Players: 4-10            Cost: $25/person

There is a serial killer on the loose and its up to you as detectives to enter the latest crime scene, a back alleyway, and solve the mysterious motive in order to stop the killer in their tracks and save the next victim.

Note: This room is not recommended for first-time players.